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toulouse tokens

by ajisabel

created by. javiera ovalle sazie
location. toulouse france
keywords. tokens tapas exchangetoulouse la garonee intervention

07 / 08 / 09
Toulouse Quai de l?Exil Republicain Espagnol

This was in the border of the Garonne River, it is a sight-seeing, leisure location.
The public benches offered me new possibilities to try the idea of changing the use of public objects in their relation to the body of the
I used the bench as canvas for my map-like drawing.

In this place, I stayed longer because of its size and openness.

refermable / reclosable / reopenable

the lids are a frame
an opening
an entrance and an exit

The action of playing with pieces of a table game or marbles. I had to play with the lids like I was drawing with stones or something like a tiny brick game.
These extremely small containers are displayed in different ways each time, depending on the location, it is a fast ephemeral site-specific intervention which underlines places that I want to connect and work with.
A map of Montreal from 1776, that I transformed into this tetra (4) organic limb, kept obsessing me as I felt an intense and strong feeling that it will keep transforming itself. Consequently, I decided to silk-screen it, cut it and fragment it.

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