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by lacity

created by. andy uprock
location. old street london
keywords. cuprocking cups fence

"The idea germinated when I was a kid playing soccer and all the kids used to squash their drink bottles and rubbish into the fence. Being quite imaginative as a youngin, I would see the patterns and shapes emerge and would then add more junk to create patterns or words. It wasn't until a long time afterwards that I got into conversation with good friend 'n' fellow artist Tim Moore. We were talking about innovative ideas, art and fences and then....BOOM, it came to me....cups....the perfect geometric shape to fit into a diamond. Time froze right there 'n' I ran with it knowing this was going to revolutionise bombin'. I kept it so ninja for four years, hitting up the streets of Sydney 'n' by 2007 kats were just catching on"

andy uprock

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