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The Urban Island Project

by Steph

created by. SPACEPILOTS
location. london

The Urban Islands Project ? reviving places:
The Urban Islands Project is part of an ongoing project SPACEPILOTS introduced in 2009 under the title of Unlocking the City, aiming to excite young people about their city, engage them with their environment, and to empower them to get involved in the actual shaping of places.

We are inviting young people aged 16-25 to participate in the research and development of design ideas for Urban Islands.

- A citywide survey has been run in London in 2009 asking young people about their local environment and the interventions they would like to see put in place to improve their lives. ? The Urban Islands Project is a direct response to their call to create places where they can meet each other and feel safe.

We launched the project in form of a small pilot at this year?s London Festival of Architecture [LFA 2010], 19th June ? 4th July 2010, in the Borough of Southwark, South London.

During the LFA 2010 we have been running a series of workshops with nine young people living in the area, exploring possible ways to detect, map and animate places through urban interventions and architectural actions.

The youngsters set out scanning the neighborhood to find overlooked spots and niches in their environment that might allow for an island to unfold and act ? be it as a meeting point, a playground, a picnic corner,?

Within three weeks they built urban furniture, tested ways of mapping and learned about the process of designing in the public realm, planted seeds, created a light garden, exchanged ideas with various local experts from the fields of architecture, urban planning and lighting design, and made a documentary ? working with a photographer and filmmaker during the festival events.

Visit their Facebook side to find out more about their journey and/or follow us on twitter.

The Urban Islands Pilots have been developed in collaboration and support of Anna Hillman, ITVfixers, Better Bankside, and Love your Street.

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