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Scene and Unseen

by TagnyDuff

created by. Tagny Duff
location. montreal

Scene and Unseen is a performance event that featured five actions over the course of one day- one action on each level of a downtown shopping mall in Montreal. Each action took place as a performance for a different surveillance camera located on each floor of the building. Audio speakers worn under my clothes played prerecorded soundscapes for each action. A booklet with maps of locations and times was distributed to various galleries and interested audience members prior to the event. Actions performed included: eating a gigantic plate of french fries in the food court to the sound of changing radio channels; feeding artificial birds to the sound of birds chirping; walking in silence towards collaborator and UK performance artist Helena Goldwater until our faces meet as if to kiss and; taking photographs of a surveillance camera as a tourist attraction to the sound of a motorized still camera.

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